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[Use Scrapbook for Steps] For the label 'Step 01' draw a box, fill it with a color, draw a text frame on top with the text 'Step 01', draw a red line to connect it to its relevant shape, and then group the whole label with its line, using Item>Group in the menus.

Go to Tools>Scrapbook menu. A dialog box displays, called the 'Scrapbook' meant for oft-used elements. Drag and drop the label into it. Also drag and drop the red- colored story-ender box. You can then drag and drop the label to any other shape, edit the text, re-draw or edit the red line to connect to it, and have lots of fun.

[Rotated Text] In another fresh text frame, typeset 'Seven Steps To Software Samadhi' in all-caps, red letters. In the Properties palette, rotate it to 60 degrees in the 'X,Y,Z' tab. You could fine-tune the angle until it fits perfectly. Add all the other text on the page in their text frames, and you're done.

Set Fire With SVG Graphics

[Graphics R Us] The flame logo is a special type of graphic, called a 'Scalable Vector Graphic' or SVG for short. It can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality, and even the shape of the flame can be edited in Scribus. Yes, even the colors are imported from the image into the Colors palette of Scribus, and colors from within Scribus can be applied to the image, as has been done here to multiple copies of this graphic. Note how the text is set on a curve created within Scribus, and the automatic drop-caps to the text column.

[Ignite] Start with a new Template, call it 'GyaanL'. Copy and paste the red band, text, and page folio and page number from another left-page template. Change the text to 'Education' in all-caps. In Page>Manage Guides, add two vertical guides at 65mm and 70mm. Lock them, and close the templates palette. Add another page using this template, in the Page palette. Or you could use Page>Insert... menu.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 18

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