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[From Flame to Flame] You don't need a Picture frame to place an SVG, you can do it directly. Go to File>Import...>Import Svg-Image. Navigate to the 'Images' folder of FYug, and select the 'Highly-Inflammable.svg' image to import. A huge graphic fills the page. Just select it, and in Properties, give it the height and width of 45 mm. Position this graphic to the top-left margin of the page.

Check Edit>Colors... and you will find the orange color in the image has been marked and imported into the Colors palette.

[Colorize] Select both the frame and the orange box, go to Item>Group. Then copy and paste it right underneath the first one. In the Properties palette, type '+5mm' at the end of the Y position, to automatically move it down by 5 mm. Thus, copy and paste until you have five copies of the graphic on the page, with a 5mm gap between each one vertically. Select each graphic, ungroup it, select the background color, and change the color of each in the Properties palette.

[Dragged Guides] From the horizontal rulers just below the taskbar and above the page, click and drag a horizontal guide to the bottom of each box. Toggle 'View Guides' so in the View menu, so you can see the guide. Finally, draw text frames to the height of each graphic in the column on the right, and type in the text. Define a Paragraph style that has a drop-cap of two lines, and apply that style to each text frame.

[Page Number on Top] Did you note the problem of the last graphic overlapping the page number and the page folio text? Go back to the Templates palette, copy the page folio text frame that contains the page number. Close the Templates palette, go back to your page, and just paste it on top. The page number comes in automatically to this text. Draw a white box above the original page folio. Place the flame graphic above this, and finally paste the new folio text frame above this. You can use the up and down arrows in the Properties palette to change the stacking order of overlapping objects. Do ensure that the page folio you paste, is into the top- most layer of your page. Counter- check in the Layers palette.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 19

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