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[Masthead Band] The cover page of any magazine has its name emblazoned across the top. This is called the Masthead. Ours is titled, “FreedomYug.” We'll start by creating a semi-transparant band for the Masthead. Go to Edit>Preferences>General. Click on Display, and make sure this checked: “Use PDF1.4 Transparancy Features.” Click OK. Your document now supports transparant objects.

Click the fourth tool in the Tools palette. Should you hover your mouse over this, the roll-over text would display “Draw Various Shapes” or something similar. Select the rectangle shape from the drop-down menu. Click anywhere near the top-centre of the page and draw a rectangle. Make sure the rectangle is selected, and immediately go to the Properties palette, click on the 'X,Y,Z' tab, and enter the following values: X-Pos: 30mm. Y-Pos: 0mm. Width: 150mm. Height: 33mm. Give it a name, such as 'MastheadBand' in the Names field.

Then click on the 'Colors' tab in Properties. Click the Pencil tool to select the stroke or outline border. Click on 'None' in the colors list. Then, click the bucket icon to select the fill color. Click on 'Black' from the list of colors, and in the opacity field, enter 69%. You will see the band has turned semi-transparant, and partly shows the image through itself, in darkened colors. Experiment with Opacity and other colors to your taste.

[Add More Bands] Draw another rectangle towards the centre of the image. In the Properties, give X-Pos: 93mm. Y-Pos: 160mm. Width: 115.35mm. Height: 13.75mm. Again in 'Colors', set the stroke to None, and the fill with Black at an opacity of 69%. Call this the 'HeadlineBand'. A third rectangle, named 'SubHeadBand' can be drawn slightly underneath this, at X-Pos: 100mm. y-Pos: 180mm. Width: 109.7mm. Height: 18.35mm. The fourth and final rectangle, this time a little square box, will have the following Properties: X-Pos: 20.5mm. Y-Pos: 245mm. Width and Height will both be 9mm.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 6

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