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[Create Colors] Hold on! Don't fill this with the same 69% Black. Let's give it a fresh lime green color. Go to Edit>Colors... in the menus. A dialog box listing existing colors displays on your screen. Click on 'New' and give your new color swatch a name, 'Lime Green'. In the second dialog-box that opens up, choose 'CMYK' as the Color Model. This closely follows the inks of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, used in your desktop printer and in printing plants, that mix inks to create new colors. With the sliders at the bottom, give C:69%, M: 10%, Y:100%, and K: 0%.

[Locked Bands] Click OK in this dialog box, and then click OK again in the Colors dialog box, where you'll notice your new color added. Go back to your page, click on the small square you just created, and in the 'Colors' tab of Properties palette, give it a stroke of None, and a fill of LimeGreen, at 100% opacity. You cover should look like the screenshot here, with all the bands for text.

One last thing. Select each semi-transparant band individually, and in the Properties palette, in the 'X,Y,Z' tab, click on the icon of the padlock at the bottom. This ensures you accidentally do not move or resize each locked object.

Similarly, lock the CoverPicture Frame as well, and the green square, using this padlock. Also, uncheck 'Text flows around frame' for each of these rectangles. This keeps text that will overlap the rectangles, from jumping away from it.

Working With Layers On A Page

[Why We Need Layers] We are going to format the text for the magazine's masthead, the headline, and the subhead. Imagine if this magazine is published in several languages. One way to then produce this magazine would be to recreate the magazine layout for each language. The other way, is to have the text for each language on another layer. Think of layers like transparant sheets that overlap one another. You could hide or view layers, for example: hide the English text layer, and show the Hindi text layer.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 7

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