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Layers bring a lot of convenience into page-design. For our magazine, I will keep the background image and bands in one layer, and have the text contained in another layer. Go to Tools>Layers. In the dialog box, you will see one existing layer, that contains all your objects so far. Uncheck the 'eye' icon to the right of this, and all elements of this layer disappear, leaving you with your empty page. Click inside the name of this layer, and change it to 'Bg Photo'. Click the bottom-left icon, that adds a new layer on top of the existing layer. Change the name of this layer to 'CoverText'. Make sure this layer is highlighted, so Scribus knows whatever elements you create will exist on this layer. Ensure the 'eye' icon is checked so you can view your layer.

[Enter Text in a Text Frame] Ensure the CoverText layer is highlighted in Layers. Click on the the text-frame in tools and drag a text frame across the MastheadBand. For the moment, make the text frame as wide as the page and nearly double the height of the MastheadBand. Click the 'Story Editor' icon in Tools. This is next to the 'Edit Frame Content' icon. In the screenshot here, it is circled in orange. A dialog box displays, where you can enter the text you wish to have published in the text frame. Think of the Story Editor dialog box as a mini note-pad or word- processor for each text frame. This is the second-most important dialog box in Scribus, after the Properties dialog box we saw earlier. Type the text: “FreedomYug” in the Story Editor. Then click on the File menu inside the Story Editor, and choose 'Save and Exit.' This publishes your text into the text frame, and exits the Story Editor from your screen.

[Make Text Look Beautiful] 'FreedomYug' will look attractive if the gaps between the letters are reduced, and if the text fits into the MastHeadBand. The overall gap between letters is called 'Tracking.' To reduce this tracking, right-click on the text frame, and from the pop-up menu, choose 'Show Properties'. In 'X,Y,Z' uncheck 'Text flows around frame'. On the buttons at the top of this dialog box, click on 'Text'.

GET STARTED WITH SCRIBUS • By Niyam Bhushan for Sarai.net • Apr 2004 • 8

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