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Restrict the use of common areas for special events, i.e. tennis matches, swimming meets;


Approve guests before they can use the facilities;


Pass upon a reasonable transfer fee for the use of the facilities.


Use of the units or lots is restricted to single family residential purposes only. These use restrictions shall not be construed in any manner as to prohibit a unit owner from maintaining his personal professional library, keeping his personal business or professional records, or accounts or handling his personal, business or professional telephone calls or correspondence in and from his lot or unit. However, any other commercial or business uses, which fall outside the parameters of what is construed to be a permissible use shall be considered in violation of this use restriction. The Association shall thereafter be entitled to bring an action for damages and/or injunction for the cessation of said violation.

USE OF ACCESSORY STRUCTURES: No tent, shack, barn, utility shed or other buildings, other than the dwelling and its required garage, shall, at any time, be erected on a Lot or Unit or used temporarily or permanently as a residence or for any other purpose.  Outdoor units of an approved size for storage of garbage cans and similar items are allowed.

MAINTENANCE OF IMPROVEMENTS: Each Lot or Unit Owner shall maintain in good condition and repair all improvements constructed upon his Lot or Unit, including, without limitation, the residential dwelling. NO OWNER, after acquiring title, SHALL CHANGE THE EXTERIOR COLOR OF THE DWELLING ON HIS LOT OR UNIT including the roof thereof, or change the construction material of the dwelling or roof without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors of the Association or its’ designated committee.

STORAGE CLOTHES HANGING No Lot or Unit shall be used for the storage of rubbish. Outside clothes handing devices on a Lot or Unit shall not be permitted.

NUISANCES: No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot or Unit nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. No automobile or other vehicle mechanical repairs or like activity shall be conducted on any Lot or Unit other than in a garage and concealed from public view.

LOT UPKEEP: All Owners of Lots or Units shall, at a minimum, keep the grass regularly cut and all trash and debris removed. Each Lot or Unit shall be maintained in a neat condition by the Owner thereof. In this context, the words "Lot" or "Unit" shall include that portion of property from the boundary of the Lot or Unit to the adjacent paved road surface. "Neat" shall require at a minimum, that the lawn be regularly cut and fertilized and that mulched areas be regularly remulched and kept weeded so its appearance is in harmony with the neighborhood. All Lots or Units must have grassed front lawns and grassed or mulched side and rear lawns. No gravel or similar type lawns are permitted.

FAILURE TO MAINTAIN: If the Owner of a Lot or Unit shall fail to maintain his Lot or Unit as required, the Association, after giving such Owner at least five (5) days written notice, shall be authorized to undertake such maintenance at the Owner's expense. Entry upon an Owner's Lot or Unit for such purpose shall not constitute a trespass. If such maintenance is undertaken by the Association, any charge therefore shall be secured by a lien on the Lot or Unit.

ANIMALS  No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred  or kept on any Lot, except that cats, dogs, tropical fish, and caged pets may be kept provided they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes or become a nuisance to the neighborhood. No person owning or in custody of an animal shall allow it to stray or go upon another's Lot or property without the consent of the Owner of such Lot or property. All animals shall be on a leash when outside the Owner's Lot.  Compliance must also be maintained with Section 9 of the rules and regulations.

SIGNS: No signs shall be displayed on

Lots or Units, with the exception of a for sale sign in a window or screen and/or a home security sign.

HOUSE NUMBERS :  Houses will display the house number on the mailbox post or on the mailbox itself and/or on the house itself.  Those who display their house numbers on their mailbox posts must not allow vegetation to cover all or part of the numbers.

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