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  • All managed computers will be capable of remote management over the campus network.

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      IT will remotely install new or upgraded applications on managed machines as needed.

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        With a user’s permission, IT staff may connect to the user’s computer, view the screen, and control the mouse and keyboard. This will facilitate troubleshooting of problems on the user’s machine.

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        IT staff also may remotely manage a user’s computer if approved by the individual’s supervisor and the Vice President of Technology.

Policy: Computers Furnished for Users’ Personal Use

  • Users will be given limited administrative rights on their computers so that they can install nonstandard software when necessary.

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      Users will not install or use software that interferes or conflicts with the operation of IT’s computer resource management system or other required software such as virus protection.

      • This includes the installation of personal firewalls, non-approved virus protection, add-on screensavers that are not part of the computer’s operating system, and others.

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        The installation of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing software is expressly forbidden.

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        IT will not be responsible for supporting nonstandard software

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        In the event that a computer system fails, IT technical support will be limited to the recovery of the system by reinstallation of the basic software (OS and standard applications) that was installed on the computer when it was originally placed in service. Nonstandard applications installed by the user will not be replaced.

  • Although IT manages computers, users will assume the responsibility for managing the application software (e.g., Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) that they use.

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        Managed computers will be furnished with application software in the default configuration furnished by the manufacturer.

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        Users may change settings on application software to suit their individual preferences. They will be responsible for any and all changes in application software configurations that they make, however.

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        In the case of improperly configured application software, IT technical support will be limited to the recovery of the system by reinstalling the basic software that was on the computer when it was originally placed in service. In extreme cases, this may require wiping the hard disk of the computer, in which case all data may be lost.

  • Users will not attempt to alter computer settings that might compromise the security or performance of a managed computer system.

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        This includes, but is not limited to, network configurations, Windows registry, antivirus software settings, screen-saver settings, and remote management settings.

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        With authorization from the Vice President of Technology and the user’s supervisor, IT staff may monitor a user’s activity for attempts to change settings or circumvent computer security.

Computer Management Policy Last updated: 18 July 2008


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