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  • Users should not rely on the storage on their computers

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      They should back up important files, either on their network storage or on removable media, such as a USB flash drive or an external hard drive.

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        IT will not be responsible for the recovery of data in the event of a computer system’s failure.

  • This section of the policy applies only to computers that are used by several faculty members, generally in a classroom situation.

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        It applies, for example, to any computer located in shared classrooms in the following buildings:

        • Daniel Building

        • Main Building

        • Olin Building

        • Roger Milliken Science Center

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        It does not apply to research laboratory computers that are used by only one or two faculty members, such as computers located in one of the RMSC Science Department research laboratories.

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        It does not apply to computers located in rooms maintained by one department for use by their students, such as the Foreign Language multimedia lab or the Science Department computer labs.

  • Administrator rights on multi-use classroom computers will be limited to Help Center staff, who will be responsible for managing all application software on these computers

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        Faculty members who need non-standard applications loaded on these computers must bring an installation CD to the Help Center at least two weeks before they need the application on the machine.

        • Along with the installation CD, we must have evidence of licensing to install the software on an individual computer.

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        The Help Center staff will make every effort to install application software that has been requested for multi-use classroom computers less than two weeks in advance. We cannot guarantee that installation by the requested date will be possible, however.

  • As part of this program, Help Center staff members assume the following responsibilities

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        Around July 15 and December 1 of each year, we will remind faculty about the two-week software installation deadline for the beginning of the Fall and Winter terms, respectively.

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        We will check classrooms proactively before the beginning of each semester, looking for potential situations in which a faculty member may not recognize that he or she needs application software installed.

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        In case of a last-minute classroom change, installing needed application software in a classroom to which a professor has been moved will be highest priority for Help Center staff, taking precedence over virtually every other task.

Computer Management Policy Last updated: 18 July 2008


Wofford College

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