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ALL COUNTY LETTER NO. 08-21 Page Three

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    The OSCU will provide an out-of-state certification application to the facility.

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    The OSCU will conduct an on-site visit of the facility. Please note, OSCU will not conduct an on-site facility visit and complete its certification until the county placement worker contacts OSCU stating a child has been identified and is placement ready. Subsequent to the on-site facility visit, OSCU will notify the county when the facility is certified and placement ready. Under no circumstances should a child be placed prior to Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC) approval and certification.

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    Concurrently with the certification process, the county shall submit a complete ICPC 100A package to the California Deputy Compact Administrator, Out-of-State Placement Policy Unit (OSPPU).

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    Upon receipt and approval of all above information, OSPPU will submit the ICPC packet to the receiving state for review. The OSPPU will notify the county placement agency when approval from the receiving state has been granted.

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    Upon notification that the facility has been certified by OSCU and notification by OSPPU of approval of the out-of-state placement from the receiving state, the county may place the child. Again, under no circumstances should a child be placed prior to ICPC approval and facility certification. Such placements will be ineligible for public funding.

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    If no placement occurs within six months of initiating the certification process, the facility will not be certified and the application shall be considered withdrawn.

Please direct any questions regarding certification standards and procedures (or to send documents) for the OSCU, contact Carol Lancaster at Carol.Lancaster@dss.ca.gov or Olaniyan Akyeem at Olaniyan.Akyeem@dss.ca.gov, phone number: (916) 445-4351, FAX: (916) 323-8352. The CDSS mailing address is: 744 P Street, M.S. 19-50 Sacramento, CA 95814.

Please direct any questions (or to send documents) regarding the ICPC, for the OSPPU, to Rosalind Hyde at (916) 651-8121, rosalind.hyde@dss.ca.gov, FAX: (916) 651-8144. The CDSS mailing address is: 744 P Street, M.S. 3-90, Sacramento, CA 95814.

If you have any questions regarding this ACL, please contact Mei Yuk Kung, Program Manager, Community Care Licensing at (916) 445-4351.


Original Document Signed By:

Original Document Signed By:

_____________________ JO FREDERICK Deputy Director Community Care Licensing Division

______________________ GREGORY E. ROSE Acting Deputy Director Children and Family Services Division

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