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Use the Internet


  • Organize and synthe- size information on a chemical or heavy metal thought to cause health problems in the area where you live.

  • Communicate your findings to others in your class.

Data Source

Visit bookk.msscience.com/ internet_lab for more information about health risks from heavy metals, hints on health risks, and data from other students.

Health Risks fr,m Heavy Metals

Real-World Question

Many heavy metals are found naturally on the planet. People and animals are exposed to these metals every day. One way to reduce the exposure is to know as much as possible about the effects of chemicals on you and the environment. Do heavy metals and other chemicals pose a threat to the health of humans? Could health problems be caused by exposure to heavy metals such as lead, or a radioactive chemical element, such as radon? Is the incidence of these problems higher in one area than another?

Make a Plan

  • 1.

    Read general information concerning heavy metals and other potentially hazardous chemicals.

  • 2.

    Use the sites listed at the link to the left to research possible health problems in your area caused by exposure to chemicals or heavy metals. Do you see a pattern in the type of health risks that you found in your research?

  • 3.

    Check the link to the left to see what others have learned.

Health Risk Data Table


Chemical or Heavy Metal

How People Come in Contact with Chemical

Potential Health Problem

Who Is Affected

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