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RUNOUT Total main bearing runout is measured at 0.0000” to a maximum of 0.0005” ensuring factory blueprint straightness of the crank.

RADIUS The radii on every journal, which controls the strength of the crankshaft is ground to the O.E. blueprint spec.

CHAMFERED Each hole is hand deburred.

DIMENSIONAL The size and out of round spec is controlled to an unbelievable 0.0005” while taper is held to within

    • 0.0002

      ” per inch of journal width. INDEXED Each crank is True-Indexed™ to the factory blueprint spec. with a maximum deviation of

    • 0.005

      ” rotation from the journal centerline. This is within the blueprint spec.

GAS SHIELDING Any cast core repair is done exclusively with a low voltage, low amperage, inert gas shielded welding process. The process completely displaces any moisture and oxygen. Normal heating of the journal during welding is greatly reduced with the low volt amp process. The result is the elimination of surface cracks, porosity, and breakage of journals due to weld heating.

STRESS RELIEVED All cranks are stress-relieved at 550 degrees Fahrenheit until stable and shot peened in a 4-minute cycle.

PROTECTED After manufacture, Hi-Tech Blueprint Series crankshafts receive a rust inhibitor and are foamed in place inside a heavy corrugated carton.

BLUEPRINT SPEC The half-stroke distance between the center of the main journal and center of the rod journal matches original factory blueprint spec.

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