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participate in a 4 wk long Lab Animal Externship. Summer research programs, like Stanford’s, are available at many veterinary schools as well, and we encourage all students, whether pre-vet or already in veterinary school, to plan to try and take advantage of these types of opportunities. This year’s students, veterinary school, and presentation topics were as follows:

  • 1.

    Kelly Lin, UC Davis. “Sensitivity to sucrose reward in stress inoculated vs. non-inoculated squirrel monkeys” Mentor: David Lyons (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

  • 2.

    Jennifer Holloway, Tuskegee University. “Axonal reorganization after a dorsal root lesion in the macaque monkey” Mentor: Corinna Darian-Smith (Comparative Medicine)

  • 3.

    Lauren Wedig, Tufts University. “Irestatin, a novel compound, inhibits the IRE1-XBP1 signaling branch of the unfolded protein response” Mentor: Albert Koong (Radiation Oncology)

  • 4.

    Elle Glueckert, Michigan State University. “Adhesion molecules mediate migration of T-cells into pancreatic lymph nodes in Type 1 diabetes” Mentor: Sara Michie (Pathology)

  • 5.

    Felicia Lew, Washington State University. “Is axon reorganization epileptogenic?” Mentor: Paul Buckmaster (Comparative Medicine)

  • 6.

    David Smith, Colorado State University. “Trafficking of reporter mesenchymal stromal cells to the bone

marrow cavity implanted with UHMWPE” Mentor: Stuart Goodman (Orthopaedic Surgery) 7 . D a y l e n e M i l l s , W a s h i n g t o n S t a t e U n i v e r s i t y . D e t e c t i n g H e l i c o b a c t e r p y l o r i C a g A d e l i v e r y b y n u c l e a r localization of cell signaling proteins” Mentor: Immunology) Manuel Amieva (Pediatrics and Microbiology &

8. Kathleen Donovan, Cornell University. “A summer of small animal imaging and whole mouse sectioning” Mentor: Edward Graves (Radiation Oncology)

Issue 2, August 2009

PreVet Club Newsletter

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