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arrhythmias present in Standardbreds. The other news of note is that the Penn Equine Club (of which I am an officer) won the award for best "non-lecture experience" for our joint injection lab with cadaver limbs. Hope all is going well in California! Laura (Faulkner) Stanford ’07, Currently 3rd yr at University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School

Hey Dr. B! I'm so glad you wrote - I have been meaning to write you an update for a long time. Sorry I missed the end of the year party (I work Saturdays), but definitely keep me in mind for future gatherings! I am working at a small animal clinic (dogs, cats, and the occasional rabbit) in Boulder Creek, CA. I'm a full- time associate, working with one other veterinarian (who owns the practice). I'm not sure it is the right thing for me... I decided to take a job right after school because my husband (got married in December!) wants to go back to school to study geology (he is an RVT). But I really miss being in an academic setting. A big part of me wants to go back and do research. I was wondering, how did you decide to go back to school? You did private practice when you first left vet school, right? The other part of me feels like, in this economic climate, I should be just happy to have a job. My family is doing well - my parents moved to the Santa Cruz mountains while I was in vet school, so now their dogs have plenty of mountainside to run on! And they actually have a couple of goats now too! My husband and I still have Ella (my harrier) and three cats (Nic, Lucy, and Mama). Anyway, hope all is well with you and your family. I'd love to hear how things are going and any advice when you get a chance. Also, if you need me to talk to any pre-vet students or write anything for your newsletter, I would be happy to. I am so happy that the prevet club is still going strong! Talk to you later, Catherine (Josling DVM) Stanford ’03, UC. Davis Veterinary School ‘07

Dr. B~ The newsletter looks great! It's good to see that the prevet club has been growing and doing more events. Sorry I haven't been in touch more. I've been doing pretty good up here at WSU. I'm in the very last semester of classroom stuff and eager to get into clinics to actually put it all to use. I've kind of dabbled with the idea of doing a residency in something like soft tissue surgery or internal medicine, but after so much school, I think I'm ready for a break and just want to do general private practice at least for awhile. I'd love to write something for a future newsletter. Last summer I did a couple of externships abroad, one in Loreto, Mexico with a group called World Vets doing spays and neuters, and one I set up through the WSU to a vet school in Bangkok Thailand. They were both amazing experiences and it'd be fun to share them and get other students connected with those kinds of resources. How often are you planning to do newsletters? Hope all is well down in the bay. How are your son and Gimli? ~Erica (Maland) Stanford ’05, Currently 4th yr at WSU Veterinary School

Hi Dr. B! I'll be presenting a poster at the ACVP conference in San Antonio and I saw on the ACVP conference website that you'll be hosting your usual mystery neuro cases -- I look forward to seeing you there! Things are going well for me - 3rd year makes me feel so much more like I might someday be a real vet. I spent all day yesterday in the small animal ICU (3rd years get to go on clinics once a week for 8 weeks spread out throughout the year), which makes being in the classroom learning all the academic stuff seem that much more applicable. I forget if I responded to your email about Myc - I'm sorry to hear he passed, but it sounds like it was his time. What a great cat he was! Euthanasia is a really hard thing to deal with. But I think it's a blessing that we have the ability to not force our beloved pets suffer unnecessarily. Our oncology clinician/professor made a pretty pointed statement when she said something to the effect of: "I think there's an inner circle of hell for those . people that won't euthanize their terminally ill, suffering animals because they want to keep the animal around for their own comfort and can't bear to say goodbye." Whenever I get to that point where I have to deal with

Issue 2, August 2009

PreVet Club Newsletter

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