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euthanasia personally or as a veterinarian advising a client, I think I'm going to remember that statement Anyway, it'll be great to see you soon! Emily (Matz) Stanford ’06, Currently 4th yr at Texas A & M Veterinary School and a recipient of a US Army Veterinary Corps Health Professions Scholarship

Hello Dr. B, I'm sorry I've been out of touch. The internship thing is, as I expected, extremely busy. I already had a day where I was up for 22 hrs straight after just 2 hrs of sleep, with a really busy overnight shift the night before! But you know what - I'm seeing a lot of cool things and so even when I'm grumpy from sleep deprivation I can still say that (so far) I am actually enjoying emergency work. The whole thing is coming fairly naturally so far. I enjoy seeing clients and patients and coming up with a plan and getting the cases turned around. The techs I've worked with so far are really helpful and on top of everything, and the two hospitals I shuttle be- tween for the internship are posh, beautiful, spacious, luxurious almost. I really am lucky to be here. I was absolutely terrified of emergency before starting this internship. Now I've just had 3 or 4 nights of it and I'm really enjoying it. On my first night of emergency we had 12 cases! At Tennessee a busy emergency night was just 5 or maybe 7 cases!! Fortunately I was on duty with other interns so it was somewhat manage- able... I shudder to think what it will be like when we're on shifts completely on our own trying to deal with case loads like that. I've heard of emergency shifts with up to 16 or 18 patients! Eep! Here are some of the cool cases I've seen so far on emergency:

1 hbc (hit by car) cat, agonal - euthanized by yours truly 1 abdominal mass dog, agonal - euthanized 1 animal control cat, resp dz/crusty - euthanized 1 bleeding dog, long pt/ptt, suspect rat bait, money case so couldn't do the diagnostics needed to rule out liver dz. Limited ultrasound showed a possible abdominal mass and fluid in chest. Owner couldn't afford plasma transfusions that the dog badly needed. Died at home next day. 2 dystocias - gave oxytocin and it actually worked -- three live pups in one case, one live one dead in second case; i did the U/S to assess fetal heart rate. 1 vomiting/diarrhea dog - went home on cirenia + famotidine 1 boxer that jumped out of a car two days ago, lame - o declined rads, went home with some tramadol/rimadyl after waiting in the office for several hours 1 possible heat stroke dog that wasn't hot but was just adr - gave iv fluids 1 CHF (congestive heart failure) dog, O2 cage. because we were so busy we couldn’t give it lasix in time (ie before the owner got upset at the wait and decided to take the dog home against medical advice) 1 parvo puppy - home w/ sq fluids containing cephazolin, cirenia 1 poodle puppy that had been thrown by a child -- o couldn't pay anything, there was all this vacillating of what to do with it or if o could surrender the pup to animal control or to the hospital to allow us to care for it. it took hours to figure out what the o would do. so the poor thing basically died slowly while we could do nothing - no diagnostics, no tx except O2 and some pain meds (probably pulmonary contusions). 3 dog bite wounds -- one was a dachshund with a laceration over the back that stretched from L to R elbows basically (~10 inches long?). it was a hideous wound. Fortunately he was really fat so the attacking dog didn't reach muscle or puncture the thorax. I helped the other intern suture the skin and I placed my first drain. Yay. 1 cat with blepharospasm - small central corneal ulcer - gave a drop of atropine and TAB, sent home w/ TAB. 1 lame poodle post trauma 1 possible syncopal dog - just gave fluids/monitored and he went home 2 vaccine allergy dogs - injectable Benadryl and dex sp, recommended benadryl at home for next few days. 1 hematuria dog - o didn't want any diagnostics, so I scripted antibiotics and warned that there could be an un- derlying or a more severe problem.

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