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NEWS from Disaster Recovery Institute International

State of Change

It seems that the only constant these days is Change. And while the world has been changing around us, DRI International has managed to change with it, while keeping the focus on our obligations and responsibilities as THE certifying body in business continuity planning. In the past several years, we have presented new initiatives and new goals for our organization while never compromising our certification standards. In 2008, we introduced CBCV - certification for vendors in the business continuity space. This was a result of an expressed need from the professional community for qualified vendors who understand the process of business resiliency in their same terms.

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This year, we are introducing our newest certifications for those professionals auditing emergency and disaster management and business continuity plans. CBCA (Certified Business Continuity Auditor) is the first level of certification within our audit certification track. This level of certification is intended for corporate planners, internal and external auditors, and those professionals who are interested in assessing programs for their companies or their clients and for those wishing to measure the state of their preparedness and the robustness of their plans against changing regulations and government requirements. Because oversight in the audit process is crucially important, and the professionals performing audits on plans may have far greater experience, CBCLA (Certified Business Continuity Lead Auditor) will be offered as well.

Each candidate must pass a new audit-focused qualifying exam prior to applying for the appropriate level of certification. The validation process for each candidate’s application will be just as rigorous as ever with the added benefit of having the applications scrutinized by commissioners with actual audit experience. This entire program has been co-developed in cooperation with NFPA, which has provided valuable information on the emergency response and disaster management aspects of the training and testing.

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Conference Report: Malaysia

By Jerome P. Ryan, International Development Committee

The International Business Continuity Management (BCM) Conference was hosted by DRI Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur on August 4th and 5th. This was the first time that DRI International actively supported an industry conference and participated as a joint sponsor through our strategic partnership with DRI Malaysia. DRI International was at the forefront of the agenda with Mr. Al Berman, DRI International’s Executive Director,

Russell Wooldridge, Editor DRI International 1115 Broadwa , 12th Floor New York, NY 10010 866-542-3744


presenting both the keynote and closing addresses. Additionally, DRI International worked with DRI Malaysia to obtain speakers from around the world and in participating in print and TV media interviews.

The conference was hosted at the Hotel Nikko in the shadows of the beautiful Petronas twin towers. While originally planned for approximately 120 attendees, those registered exceeded 160 in the final days leading up to the conference.

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Disaster Recovery Institute International

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