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State of Change [continued]

Later this year, we will be rolling out another new certification level for those professionals in the public sector. COOP professionals make up a huge number of people who could benefit greatly from certification that is recognized by the broader industry as well as at the state, local, and federal levels. The COOP certification program is being developed with input at every level of government. We look forward to being able to tell you more about it in the coming months.

You will see other changes to DRI International in the coming months. We are working hard to improve our website, our products and offerings, and the processes that help you and your colleagues get the most out of your certification and community. Our community is growing internationally every day. We have added new foreign affiliates in Europe, Asia and Africa. In response to numerous requests, we are developing sponsorship opportunities so that organizations, companies, and individuals who see the value of DRI International’s non- profit work can contribute to the mission.

Things are changing around here and they are clearly changing for the better. In the coming months, we hope you’ll notice even more positive change. In 2010, there will be ways for you as a certified professional to contribute even more to that change.

Moving the Master’s Class & Exam Online

DRI International now offers the BCP-601 in a web-based, instructor-lead format as well as our traditional instructor-lead seminar. After looking at web-based delivery of courses and at our online courses as well as instructor-lead courses, we feel that the web-based course provides the opportunity to start the process of advancing to MBCP for those who cannot attend our traditional course offering. With the addition of web-based, instructor-led courses, we fill the gap between the classroom and the home office.

BCP-601 is the perfect course for introducing this format. Its purpose is to prepare experienced Business Continuity Professionals for the Master Case Study Examination. The exam is based on a case study and Professional Practices. Attendees spend two intense days discussing the best practices, working through exercises, and answering questions in preparation for the four and one-half hour exam that is delivered on day three of the traditional course. Naturally, changes were needed to enable web-based delivery and the proctoring of an exam for a class that might extend half-way around the world.

The Course -- Delivering the course to a desktop is very different from a classroom. This highly interactive course takes advantage of attendee experience, with needed information on the display and the instructor’s comments, providing nuance and detailed explanations where required. Although the web-enabled version is virtually identical to the traditional format, there are many changes that significantly affect knowledge transfer and the quality of the experience in the web-based environment. In the traditional setting, hardcopy materials, a course book and laptop make for a very busy, cluttered workspace.

In the web offering, learning materials are supplied in soft format for screen display. With the soft copy in a window, the student has everything they need on their computer screen. A pencil and paper or a word processor can be used for taking notes. Exercises provide an opportunity for the attendee to refresh their knowledge. There are plenty of exercises in this program, addressing each area that is tested in the examination. During exercises, the instructor is available to answer questions and assist those having problems, as in the traditional venue. The combination of one-on-one discussions made possible by the web-based format, and the class participation in-group sessions bring the best of the instructor-lead seminar to the web-based environment.

The Case Study Exam -- The attendee spends two days in intense study preparing for a four and one-half hour exam that is also intense. Fatigue is a problem. In the web-based BCP-601 the examination stands apart from the course. We’ve chosen Kryterion Online Secured Testing as our partner for this project. An attendee has options when it comes to taking the exam. First is the traditional testing center; Kryterion has many testing centers in the USA and around the world. An attendee choosing this option registers for the exam and makes an appointment. The exam is taken at a testing center in a traditional testing environment. The second option is Online Proctored (OLP) examinations. As its name implies, a student registers for the OLP option and makes an appointment. The exam can be taken at home or in the office. The test-taker uses their own computer and Kryterion proctors the exam in real-time. In both cases, the test-taker can schedule the exam for a time convenient for them.

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