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NEWS from Disaster Recovery Institute International

Conference Report: Malaysia


Since the gathering of this many BCM professionals in Asia was new to most, all took advantage of the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and share experiences well beyond the conference room walls. Speakers came from Australia, Korea, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United States, making this conference truly global. While all speakers enriched attendees with their knowledge, a few practitioners shared personal experiences that were of particular note.

Mr. John Kornie, architect of the rebuilt Dr. Zainoel Abidin Hospital, delivered a powerful recount of the 2004 Asian Tsunami’s devastation to one of the few hospitals in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. His presentation described the lessons learned from the tsunami and how those lessons were applied in the planning and construction of the new state-of-the- art hospital.

Ms. Puan Zalina Jaflus of Malaysian Airports Holding Berhad, shared her experiences in organizing and conducting a full scale business continuity and crisis management exercise at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Her team organized over 600 participants in an exercise that tested the recovery of KLIA’s operations. The exercised was conducted successfully while maintaining the high level of security required at an airport and it was concluded before the start of the new day with the arrival and departure of flights.

Mr. Neyaz Mushtaq Ahmed of Mobily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, shared his experiences in building and maintaining BCM plans at the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the Middle East and North Africa. Of particular interest were his thoughts on working within a technology-dependent high-growth-rate company.

Mr. Wahid Ali Mohd Khalil of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, was the last speaker of the two-day conference and shared his experiences with the implementation of BCM plans for Financial Institutions. With an audit background and his knowledge of the local regulatory environment, attendees were presented with Bank Islam’s challenges concerning incorporating company management, oversight committees, and numerous regulators into a satisfactory BCM plan.

These speaker presentations, and others, helped engage the audience directly as evidenced by numerous attendee questions. The conference purposely allowed for a question and answer time at the conclusion of each presentation and attendees certainly took advantage of this opportunity. It was evident that many were eager to increase their knowledge of BCM and looked forward to applying what they have learned at their respective companies.

A hot topic of discussion among the attendees was their interest in obtaining BCM education and certification. Since the concept of dedicated BCM professionals is still in its infancy in Asia, most individuals expressed a strong interest in being ahead of the curve in becoming some of the first to obtain professional BCM credentials.

Finally, special recognition for the organization of the conference must be given to Ms. Carol Chia of DRI Malaysia. She worked tirelessly to organize the event with her joint sponsors, line up a diverse group of international speakers, and

even reschedule the entire event when the outbreak of H1N1 pandemic flu forced the postponement of the originally scheduled June conference date. She has made a true effort to connect with BCM professionals in Asia to help foster education and certification within our industry. DRI International was truly honored to be a part of this international conference and looks forward to participating again next year.


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