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NEWS from Disaster Recovery Institute International

Board member to be elected by Certified Professionals

Based on the recommendation of an independent committee for the reorganization of DRI International -- on July 25, 2009, the DRI International Board of Directors met in Atlanta and unanimously passed a resolution to allow for the election of a candidate selected by the certified professionals to the Board of Directors. The resolution created a Board position for an actively-certified person to serve a two-year term on the board starting in January 2011. Candidates will be selected from the certified professional community, nominated by the certified professional community and elected by the certified professional community. This is a much-needed acknowledgment of the need for the active participation of our certified professionals at every level of the organization.

During our reception at the DRJ Fall World 2009 in San Diego (Sunday September 13, 2009), a request will be made for certified professionals to volunteer to be part of a nominating committee. Applications will be accepted through the end of 2009 and at the DRI International reception at DRJ in Orlando, a five-person nominating committee will be announced.

An individual who wishes to serve on the nominating committee needs to be an actively-certified professional with the ability to serve periodically, at their own expense, between March and September 2010. Nominations for this committee must be emailed to: nominate@drii.org. The nominating committee will be announced at the DRJ Spring World 2010 in Orlando.

The nominating committee will create a process by which they will be able to recommend three to five candidates for election as a director. Board candidates will be announced at the reception at DRJ Fall World 2010 in San Diego, as well as through our various communication channels. In November of 2010, a ballot will be circulated via broadcast e-mail to all actively-certified persons at that time. The ballot will remain open for 30 days.

The announcement of the new Board of Directors will be made on Wednesday, December 8, 2010.

Please take a moment and consider taking an active part in this process. We think that the best way to keep our organization responsive to the needs of the certified professionals is to have their active participation. Consider participating in the nominating committee and/ or as a candidate for the Board. DRI International will be the stronger for it.

Gone Green

An initiative was begun in 2008 to take our company green. We have made great strides. It began with moving our office functions to

Go Green. Invoicing has been automated to eliminate the use of paper; CEAPs are automated and paperless. We distributed reusable market shopping bags, made from recycled materials, to help you in everyday conservation. Our application process is now paperless and this year we did not send out snail-mail reminders of renewal requirements.

Our education department will be reducing printed education materials and will make them available online or through the use of flash

drives. A pilot flash drive program is underway. Our next step was to greenify our external mailings. We have started by creating new certification plaques that use one-half the amount of wood content and shipping materials. We estimate that we will save the equivalent of one half ton of paper and wood content per year. Our sales and marketing department has replaced hard-copy mailings with more

efficient and greener emails to make announcements. We are working with our education partners to encourage them to do the same.

And we are taking more steps in our effort to go “paperless.” Starting now we will no longer send out plastic ID cards and welcome letters through the mail. Instead, when applicants receive notice of being granted certification or payments are made for renewals, a paperless card will immediately be available for the Certified Professional to print. This alone will save over 700 pounds of paper per year, the equivalent of twenty-five seven-foot pine trees.

We understand that there is an attachment to having the plastic Certified Professional ID card, but in reality, how many times have you actually taken it out to present to someone? These are just a few of the things that DRI International is doing to be a good Corporate Citizen. If you have any ideas that will help us continue this process, please email them to msmith@drii.org.

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