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responsibility to coordinate their own access to services, often without the knowledge and ability necessary to find and access help. Families presenting specific vulnerabilities may not be able to navigate the complex mix of services or cannot overcome even small barriers to services which may arise, such as transportation. For these families, the services of a case manager who can comprehensively account for the needs of the family and assist the family members with accessing the required care and services would be required.

Trained case managers with a manageable caseload

A communication mechanism and intake procedure for agencies who will refer clients

A communication mechanism for referring clients to other services with means for feedback on the outcome of the referral.

A directory of services and resources with means of finding previously unknown services for clients

A mechanism to examine the effectiveness of the services delivered to evaluate if there is continued on-going need, or a time limit as to how long services will be provided with a plan to triage cases so that most urgent needs are addressed.

The families most in need of a CCM approach are those with multiple, concurrent problems that are complex and severe. Such families and individuals would include:

  • Unaccompanied and separated children (UASC)

  • Families with members who have severe mental or physical disabilities

  • Families with children who cannot access school because of learning


  • Elderly individuals with multiple psychological or medical issues

  • Unaccompanied elderly individuals

  • Households with multiple disabilities

  • Households with terminally ill members

  • Individuals with severe mental health problems

  • Female headed households

2. Responses

Develop a comprehensive case management (CCM) service model with a referral mechanism that allows agencies or UNHCR to refer extremely needy cases to trained case managers. The key elements of a CCM system should include:


outline of required actions for comprehensive case management

1. Needs

Report of the ICMC / USCCB Mission – Protection Needs in Jordan


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