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County of Lake County Service Area Water System Rules and Regulations


USE OF PRONOUN – For the purposes of this document, certain words and phrases are defined.

When not

inconsistent with the context, words used in the present include the plural and the plural the singular; the masculine mandatory and not merely permissive.

tense shall include the future; the pronoun shall include the feminine;


number shall

and the

word “shall” is

“Administrator” – shall mean County of Lake Special Districts Administrator.

“District” – means County Service Area that provides water service that is administered by Lake County Special Districts Administration.

“Board” - County of Lake Board of Supervisors

“Cross-connection” – means any connection, or possible connection, between any part of the District water supply system used or intended to supply water for drinking purposes and any source or system containing water or any substance that is not or cannot be approved as safe, wholesome, and potable for human consumption.

“Customer” – means any person obtaining water service from the water supply system of the District.

“Dwelling unit” – means one or more rooms designed or used by an individual or family for residential purposes, including, without limitation, a house, apartment, condominium unit or duplex unit, having water use facilities equivalent in extent to a normal dwelling.

“Multifamily dwelling” – means a building designed or used to house two or more families living independently of each other.

“Occupancy: - means the purpose for which a building, or part thereof, is used or intended to be used.

“Person” – means any individual, firm, company, association, society, corporation, partnership or group.

“Property Owner” - means owner of record to whose premise water service may be delivered.

“Service Connection” - means the water line and appurtenant facilities used to extend water service from the water main to the meter box.

“Service Extension” - means water line and appurtenant facilities used to extend water service from the meter to the customer’s premises.

“System” – means all water source and supply facilities, transmission pipelines, storage facilities, pumping plants, distribution mains and appurtenances, and other attendant facilities of the District water supply system.

“Water service area” - means that area within the boundaries of the District.


The purpose of this document is to establish general rules and regulations for service and the extension of service from the District supply system, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the users of the system, in accordance with the standards established by the District, County, State and Federal governments.


The provisions of this document shall apply to all water services, provided by the District, and to all work performed on the District water system.



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