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  • 51.


    • A.

      The District shall have the right to assess further penalties and terminate service upon written notice to the premises. In accordance with the applicable ordinance the following procedure will be followed for all delinquent payments:

  • 1.

    All accounts are delinquent thirty days after mailing

  • 2.

    In the event charges become delinquent, a late payment charge will be added, as set by


  • 3.

    Upon request, customers who have never been charged a late charge are afforded a one- time courtesy waiver of the late charge.

  • 4.

    No less than thirty days from the date of mailing the bill for services the District will mail a late notice to the customer.

  • 5.

    Customers may be permitted to make alternate payment arrangements prior to the date of shut off.

  • 6.

    Customers who have made alternate payment arrangements and who fail to comply with said arrangements will have the water shut off until all charges and charges are paid. In addition, the District will no longer offer alternate payment arrangements for that customer.

  • 7.

    The District shall discontinue service to the premises for nonpayment.

  • 8.

    Customers who have never been shut off at their current location will be afforded a one-time

courtesy call informing them of the impending shut off.

  • 9.

    Upon discontinuation of service for nonpayment, services will not be restored to the premises until payment is made as follows:

    • a.

      All delinquent amounts.

  • b.

    Shut off/reconnection charges as set by ordinance.

  • B.

    Failure to receive mail will not be recognized as a valid excuse for failure to pay rates when due.

Change in ownership of property and change in mailing address must be filed in writing by the property owner or his agent at the office of the District on a form provided for that purpose.

  • C.

    All delinquent charges will be collected as the law allows.

    • 52.


The District may at any time shut off water to any premises connected with the District mains for repairs, extensions, failure to pay charges and charges as provided by this article, or other necessary purposes. The District shall not be liable for any damage which may occur as a result of water being shut off to any premises, including, without limitation, the bursting of boilers supplied by direct pressure, the breaking of any pipes or fixtures, stoppage or interruption of water supply, or any other damage resulting from the shutting off of water. Water customers who have any machinery, material, process or plant which requires a constant supply of water shall install upon their premises such water storage facilities as will prevent any damage in case the District water supply may for any reason be interrupted or discontinued, and such person shall also provide backflow devices to protect against loss from the interruption or discontinuance of water service.



In the event the check given by the customer is not honored by the financial institution appearing on the check, the District will shut off water service the same day it receives notice from the Treasurer’s Office. Using the available telephone number, the District shall inform the customer of the imminent loss of service. Service shall not be turned on again until such delinquent charges, a $10 return check charge, together with penalty thereon, if any, and the

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