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The first eight temperature inputs on your DATAPRO-45™, T1 through T8, are designed for use with type K thermocouple probes for measuring exhaust gas temperature. They have a maximum reading capability of approximately 1814°F. Special type K extension cable must be used, without exception. This cable contains two wires, color coded yellow and red. For each sensor, connect the yellow wire into the odd numbered position. Connect the red wire into the even numbered position. The appropriate positions and wire colors are indicated on your junction box label. If using one probe per cylinder, it’s advisable to connect the probe for cylinder 1 to position T1, cylinder 2 to position T2, etc.

Follow the appropriate instructions below for installing your sensor probes.


          Weld-In Style Sensor #6035

  • 1.

    Select the header tube in which you wish to mount the sensor.

  • 2.

    Measure a spot 1-_” from the header flange. If more than one cylinder is to be

monitored, it is important that all probes be located the same distance from the header flange. This will allow for comparison from cylinder to cylinder.

  • 3.

    Once the spot has been located, drill a 5/16” diameter hole in the header pipe.

  • 4.

    Center the weld-in weldment on the hole and weld to the header pipe a full 360°.

  • 5.

    Coat the 1/8” pipe threads on the compression fitting liberally with anti-seize and install the male connector portion of the compression fitting into the weldment and tighten.

  • 6.

    Now, using a marker or pencil, make a mark on the probe that is half the diameter of the header pipe plus 1” (the length of the weldment and the compression fitting) from the exposed tip of the probe. Verify this depth by visual inspection into the pipe. The tip of the probe should reach to the center of the pipe. (For example, for a 1-1/2” header pipe, the mark on the probe should be half of this diameter plus 1” from the tip, which amounts to 1-3/4” from the tip. For a 2” header pipe, the mark should be 2” from the tip.)

  • 7.

    Slip the nut (with the cup side to the exposed tip of the probe) and the ferrule onto the probe.

  • 8.

    Insert the probe into the compression fitting base to the point where the ferrule and the line on the probe come together. This will insure that the probe is in the middle of the exhaust stream and will set the ferrule on the probe sheath.

  • 9.

    Holding the probe in place, tighten the compression nut down tight. Make certain that the thermocouple probe is in its proper position prior to tightening the compression nut.

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