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then the reading change under full deflection is actually 72.7. If your desire is for this reading change to be 100.0, then the current reading change is only 72.7% of the desired reading change. Conversely, the desired reading change is 1.376 times the current reading. (Get that by dividing 100.0/72.7.) To adjust the reading change, multiply the B and C coefficients by the number you calculate (1.376 in this example).

Note that, once you get close to ideal, adjustments to the zero reading and the reading change under full deflection can effect each other. It may take a few repetitions of the process to get things exactly right. However, since sensors, mounting points, and vehicle ride height are liable to change very slightly over time, don’t spend too much effort trying to get things perfect. The readings will only change from perfect later. It is certainly not recommended to worry about the digit to the right of the decimal place. This digit is provided strictly for seeing minute changes in suspension and for accurately calculating deflection rates.

    • 1.8.

      Junction Box Connectors G and H (excluding switches)

      • 1.8.1.

        Uncommitted analog Inputs (A1-A8)

If you have purchased additional sensors, such as pressure sensors, then you should have all necessary hardware for these sensors. The factory calibration inside your DATAPRO- 45™ for analog sensors is an assortment of pressure sensors. If you have purchased one or more of these anticipated pressure sensors, your life will be easier if you choose the corresponding analog input!

Analog 1:

24 PSI

Analog 2:

120 PSI

Analog 3:

120 PSI

Analog 4:

400 PSI

Analog 5:

400 PSI

Analog 6:

1600 PSI

Analog 7:

Vacuum in PSI

Analog 8:

Battery Voltage*

*Note that the A8 position is internally connected to the 11-24V automotive battery power supply. This means that if you do not connect any external sensor to this position, your DATAPRO-45™ will record and display battery voltage, accurate to within approximately one tenth of a volt. On the other hand, if you connect an external sensor signal to position H9, then that signal will override the internal connection, giving you the ability to record and display the sensor reading instead. In order to do this; the factory DATAPRO-45™ calibration will have to be changed correspondingly using the DATAPRO ON-LINEsoftware.

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