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For each sensor, connect the black wire along with the bare shield wire (black wire and bare shield wire should be twisted together), red power wire, and white signal wire to the appropriate group of three positions on junction box connector G or H, such as G1, G2, and G3, or H3, H4, and H5. Note that adjacent sensors will need to share a +12 Volt position. Note also that some sensors may be provided with an extension cable and this cable may use different color codes, so please check the documentation that comes with your sensor.

TESTING: Change the LCD display channel to one of the analog channels (“Analog 1” through “Analog 8”). Physically cause a sensing change and verify that the reading changes. For pressure sensors, the at-rest reading should be close to zero. This zero reading corresponds to a non-zero voltage. Therefore, it may not be necessary to actually verify a sensing change. The presence of the non- zero voltage when the sensor is at rest is sufficient. Calibration

If you have found it necessary to install a sensor in a position for which your DATAPRO- 45™ was not factory calibrated you may use the DATAPRO ON-LINEsoftware to select the appropriate calibration. For details on this feature, see the on-line software help.

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      Junction Box Connector A

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If you have purchased the optional accelerometer, then you should have all necessary hardware for this sensor.

For accurate readings, it is important to properly mount your accelerometer. For single axis accelerometers in drag racing applications, simply make sure that the arrow on the accelerometer points exactly straight forward. For dual axis accelerometers in other racing applications, find a location near the center of gravity of the car and then properly align the accelerometer when mounting. Mounting the accelerometer away from the center of gravity of the car will introduce false readings as “yaw” (mere rotation or spinning) is misperceived as acceleration (changing direction of motion or cornering).

Find a suitable mounting location, wire up, and test your accelerometer before permanently mounting it! Connect the shield/black to ground (A2), red power (A1), and white signal (A3) wires to the appropriate junction box positions.

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