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If you have a dual axis accelerometer, connect the second signal wire to a free input such as the +G2/Oxy2 input at position A11. You may need to use the DATAPRO ON-LINE software and change both the name and calibration of this channel.

TESTING: Change the LCD display to the accelerometer channel. (On some cable television systems this is between the Comedy Channel and the Discovery

Channel.) With the accelerometer wired but not mounted, tilt it so that the arrow points straight up! A reading close to one should result. This indicates one earth gravity or one “g” of acceleration. If you point the arrow straight down, the reading should be minus one. If you hold the sensor level to the ground, the reading should be close to zero. Now, permanently mount the sensor. If the reading is not exactly zero, then use shims at the front or back to adjust the reading.

If you have a dual axis accelerometer, the lateral acceleration channel should similarly react to left and right tilting. This is when it’s fun to tilt your body along with the accelerometer in order to simulate centripetal force as you go around corners. Don’t forget to make engine noises, especially when you tilt back and accelerate out of the turn. Calibration

If you have found it necessary to install a sensor in a position for which your DATAPRO- 45™ was not factory calibrated, you may use the DATAPRO ON-LINEsoftware to select the appropriate calibration. For details on this feature, see the on-line software help.


Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)

If you have purchased the optional throttle position sensor (TPS), then you should have all necessary hardware for this sensor.

Connect the black ground wire (A6), red power wire (A4), and white signal wire (A5) to the appropriate group of three positions on junction box connector A. Note that some sensors may be provided with an extension cable and this cable may use different color codes, so please check the documentation that comes with your sensor. Note also that the +5 Volt position is not actually a “power” connection. Instead, it is a “reference voltage” which the throttle position sensor uses to divide down and produce a signal corresponding to suspension deflection.

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