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If you have purchased strain gages and had your junction box upgraded for internal strain gage inputs, then you should have all necessary hardware for these sensors. Refer to the documentation accompanying the strain gages.


Oxygen Sensors (Oxy1 and Oxy2)

Your DATAPRO-45™ CAN directly interface to standard automotive oxygen sensors. The factory calibration will provide a milli-volt reading, which should be between 400 and 1200, centering around 800 or 900. If your junction box has been upgraded for internal strain gage inputs, then it is no longer compatible with oxygen sensors on these channels. One of the uncommitted analog inputs on connectors G or H may be used instead.

Connect the signal wire from each oxygen sensor to the appropriate junction box position, either A7 or A11. Note that these inputs are alternatively used for strain gages and are therefore labeled for either strain gages or oxygen sensors.

If you have heated oxygen sensors, do not under any circumstance use a junction box connector for the heater power. Wire this feature directly to your automotive electrical system according to the sensor manufacturer’s specifications.

TESTING: Change the LCD display to one of the two oxygen sensor channels. If your engine is cold, the reading will probably be zero. Warm up the engine. After a few minutes, the sensor will warm up and a reading between 400 and 1200 should result. Expected operating conditions should produce a reading in the vicinity of 800 or 900. Note that it is expected for this reading to bounce up and down many counts.

1.10. Transformer Power Supply

The optional transformer power supply may be used to provide power to DATAPRO- 45™ when it's not in the car. This power supply makes it possible for you to download your data to your computer in your trailer or motorhome instead of outside at the car.

To use the transformer, simply insert the transformers round plug into the round hole at the end of the DATAPRO-45™ case. Plug the transformer into an appropriate AC power plug.


General Operation

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