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2.2. CHANNEL button

Pressing the “CHANNEL” button advances the LCD display to the next channel. Since the LCD has two lines, you’ll be able to see the bottom line move up to the top, and then a new channel appear on the bottom line.

Holding this button will cause the channels to start scrolling. As long as you hold the button, the channels will continue scrolling. This feature allows you to find a channel without getting your finger tired by pressing the button so many times. Also, just in case you get distracted while you’re waiting for the desired channel to come around, this scrolling feature will stop when you reach the first (time) channel. In order to continue scrolling beyond this point, release the button temporarily and press and hold it again.

Since there are so many channels, scrolling through all of them takes a while. To make your life easier, your DATAPRO-45™ has been designed to skip any channels that are not recorded. Since you probably don’t have a full set of 41 sensors and 4 shift lights, it’s advisable that you use the DATAPRO ON-LINE software to turn recording off for the unused sensor inputs. Doing so will not only save memory and increase your total recording time, it will also save you time if you ever use the “CHANNEL” button to scroll through your channels!

Finally, holding the “CHANNEL” button down when power is first applied will initiate a shift light test. As long as the button is held down, the shift lights will illuminate in succession at a rate of about one light every 2 seconds. When you let go of the button, normal DATAPRO-45™ operation will continue.


MEMORY button

Pressing the “MEMORY” button will cause the LCD display to indicate approximately how much recording time is left. Holding this button will actually clear your memory. If you’re planning to record multiple runs before downloading to your PC, be sure not to

accidentally hold this button for too long.

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