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Note that the “MEMORY” button also serves to perform a communications check. If a special “loopback” adapter is plugged into the communications adapter whenever this button is pressed, the LCD display should indicate “Communication OK” for a moment.

Holding the “MEMORY” button down when power is first applied will cause the internal LCD backlight to be turned on or off. Once set, the on/off status of the backlight will be remembered.

2.3. TELLTALE button

Pressing the “TELLTALE” button will toggle your DATAPRO-45™ in and out of telltale mode. This allows you to see the maximum and minimum value visited by each sensor during a run. Please note the first time you enter telltale mode for a particular recorded run, a number of seconds will pass as your DATAPRO-45™ scans the recorded data in order to identify these telltale values. For long recordings with all channels recorded, this can take a substantial amount of time. If you get tired of waiting, it is indeed safe to just turn the power off and back on. This time consuming task only occurs once per recorded run. You can visit the telltale information a second time without having to wait.

Holding this button will change runs. If you’ve recorded multiple runs, then as you hold the “TELLTALE” button, the display will scroll through the various runs. Just like the “DISPLAY” button, it will stop scrolling at the current run. To scroll further, release the button for a moment and then press and hold it again.

If you ever change runs, be sure not to get confused about which run you’re looking at whenever you’re looking at the telltale readings!

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      Before recording a run

There are a couple of things you should do before recording a run to be sure that you make the best use of DATAPRO-45™.

First, Press the "MEMORY" button to be sure that there is sufficient memory to record the run.

Next, be sure about which channels are to be recorded. Normally this is done when you first install DATAPRO-45™ or new options and then never touched again. You can always change which channels are recorded however. To do so, see the on-line documentation for your DATAPRO ON-LINEsoftware.

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