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    • 3.2.

      Recording a Run

      • 3.2.1.

        Beginning a Recorded Run

To start recording, simply turn on the record switch. (If the switch is still on from the last run, turn it off and then immediately back on again.) Alternatively you can press and hold the "STOP" button on the keyboard for approximately three seconds. DATAPRO- 45™ will automatically create a new run record, and begin recording. The LCD display will say “Recording…” to indicate that DATAPRO-45™ is recording. While recording, no sensor values are displayed in order to comply with the regulations of some sanctioning bodies. Typically you will want to start recording after you have pre-staged the car. This will allow the DATAPRO-45™ to automatically find time zero, as time zero is determined by the first sign of sustained driveshaft movement. You may choose to start recording earlier, however, in order to record your burnout. During equipment testing, of course, you may want to record at any time.


Ending a Recorded Run

A recorded run may be ended manually by simply turning the record switch off or pressing the "STOP" button on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can use your DATAPRO ON-LINEsoftware to configure the automatic stop feature of DATAPRO-45™. This configuration is accessible next to the Engine Information calibration. For details, see the on-line documentation for details.

When a recorded run is ended, your DATAPRO-45™ returns to Real Time mode. In Real Time mode all channels are operational, they are just not being recorded.


Tutorial (a day at the races)

This section is intended as an introduction to DATAPRO-45™, and a guide to its effective use.

First things first: This tutorial assumes that you have completed the installation and calibration of DATAPRO-45™ as detailed in the first sections of this manual. If you've gotten through that, then read along for a quick introduction to DATAPRO-45™'s features. If you get stuck or get curious (if all else fails...) then refer to the manual for the details of how DATAPRO-45™ works.

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