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4.1. While the dew is still on the grass

It will be at least an hour before your first run, and you and your crew have been checking over the final details on the car. This is the time to check over DATAPRO-45™ as well.

  • 1.

    Make sure the electrical circuit for DATAPRO-45™ is on.

  • 3.

    With the engine on, press and hold the "CHANNEL" button until you see "Engine RPM". If the RPM on the right doesn't read the correct value, see the documentation section on Configuration.

  • 4.

    If you want to check your driveshaft RPM sensor, jack up the rear of the car first and support it with appropriate jack stands. Make sure the LCD display channel is on "Drvshft RPM". If the DRV on the left remains zero after you spin the driveshaft, see the documentation section on Troubleshooting.

  • 5.

    Press the "MEMORY" button to see how much recording time is available. If there is at least 30 seconds, you're probably fine. If there isn't enough for the next run, consider resetting and clearing your previous recordings by holding down the "MEMORY" button.

4.2. Before you start your run

It's a day at the races and you're just about to go out on the track. DATAPRO-45™ was installed and configured days, months, or years ago. You're so busy or so deep in concentration that you won't even give your mother the time of day. There's only one thing you have to do to get DATAPRO-45™ on your side...

1. Turn on that little record switch.

The LCD display will indicate that you're recording, and you're ready to go. Good Luck! When the run is over, turn this record switch off.

4.3. After the run

For most racers, the memory capacity of DATAPRO-45™ is enough to record numerous runs in a row, so you don't have to do anything between runs. However, to get the most out of your track time, you may want to download your recent recording.

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