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      Display is blank

First, make sure that the junction box is properly powered. A good way to do this is to first remove the plug from connector A. Then use a voltmeter to probe the screw heads on the plug at positions B1 and B2.

Second, make sure that the umbilical cable is connected between the junction box and your DATAPRO-45™ main unit.

DATAPRO-45™ requires a DC power source between 11 and 24 volts. If the display shows no signs of power, then maybe the power source is off or too weak.

5.2. RPM is zero

First, make sure that your tachometer signal is wired into the correct position, B3.

If the engine is running and the RPM displayed is still zero, then you must diagnose the wiring of the tachometer pickup. Remove the signal wire from position B3. Then short this position to ground. This should cause a jump in RPM. If it does not, then call Computech, Inc.

Once you've established that shorting the RPM input to ground causes a jump in RPM, it may be necessary to adjust the RPM threshold. This requires opening up your junction box case and setting a dip switch. Consult Computech customer support before doing this.

5.3. RPM is erratic or noisy

If you have erratic or noisy RPM readings, make certain you are using high quaility suppression spark plug wires such as MSD 8.5 mm Super Conductors wires. If the use of these wires does not solve your problem, contact Computech customer support for assistance.

5.4. DRV or INP is zero

First, make sure that your sensors are wired into the correct position. The inputshaft sensor should be wired to position B5. The driveshaft sensor should be wired to position B6. Both sensors should have their other wire connected to chassis ground or to a ground position at connector B.

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