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1.1. General Installation

Try to install your DATAPRO-45™ more than just a few days before your first race. It's much easier to shake down any quirks in your installation at the shop than it is to do so at

the track!


DATAPRO-45™ - Main unit

Before mounting the main DATAPRO-45™ main unit, locate a suitable mounting location. The main unit should not be mounted where it is exposed to full sunlight, rain, or excessive engine or transmission heat. If mounting in full sunlight cannot be avoided, the main unit should be protected by a light-colored cover when not in use (a white towel works well), or removed from the car. The LCD display main unit in DATAPRO-45™ is rated for a maximum operating environment of 122°F, which can be easily exceeded in a closed car or in full sun. DATAPRO-45™ should also be protected from excessive rain by covering the main unit or removing it from the car when not in use. A limited amount of rain can be tolerated while on the track.

You may also need to worry about ignition noise effecting your main DATAPRO-45™ main unit. If you have a hot ignition system with solid core coil or spark plug wires, then it is advisable to keep as great a distance as possible between those wires and your DATAPRO-45™. It is advisable to read through the complete installation instructions before choosing a final location for the DATAPRO-45™ main unit.

Heavy-duty hook and loop fastening strips are included with your package. Thoroughly clean the area selected to mount the main unit so the hook and loop fastener strips will adhere properly. Remove the backing tape from the hook strips, position the DATAPRO- 45™ main unit over the mounting location, and then press the main unit against the mounting surface until the hook strips have adhered to it.

Finally, to insure that the DATAPRO-45™ main unit won't pop off during a minor incident, it’s a good idea to place two tie wraps vertically around both the box and the mounting surface. With a proper installation, the tie wraps can be wiggled off the sides of the main unit when removing it, and then reused when the main unit is installed again. The heavy-duty hook and loop fastening strips will not let the box slide sideways as long as the tie wraps remains secure.

1.2. Junction Box

The DATAPRO-45™ junction box provides a central place for all DATAPRO-45™ wiring to come together. All sensors are connected to the junction box, and then the junction box is connected to the DATAPRO-45™ main unit using the provided umbilical cable. There’s only one cable provided that fits all of the connectors, so you don’t have

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