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too worry about using the wrong cable! Since the umbilical cable must reach from the main DATAPRO-45™ main unit to the junction box, the junction box should be mounted within reach and in a position that is protected from weather and road spray. Try to keep the junction box away from the engine and ignition for radio frequency interference reasons. In full-bodied cars, be sure to place the box behind the firewall. In open bodied cars, place the box in the very rear or the very front. It is advisable to read through the complete installation instructions before choosing a final location for the junction box. In this way, you can keep in mind the route of the various wires that must go from the junction box to specific locations on the car. Note that you may want to postpone permanent placement of the junction box until all other wiring is complete.

Warning: placing the junction box near the exhaust pipes or other heat generator, or in the direct path of the wind or any cool generator, may cause erroneous temperature readings (such as exhaust gas temperatures). Be sure to avoid these situations.

With both the DATAPRO-45™ main unit and the junction box at least temporarily located, connect the umbilical cable between the two. Be sure to hand tightened (no need to over-tighten) the two cable connector screws on each end of the cable. The umbilical cable should be anchored near each end using tie-wraps, and at intervals along its length to secure it. Leave enough slack at the end near the main DATAPRO-45™ main unit to allow the main unit to be easily disconnected and removed from the vehicle for down



Junction Box Connections

Wiring up your DATAPRO-45™ junction box is a very simple, although tedious task. The lid of the junction box includes a label identifying all of the connections. Aside from the umbilical cable, which plugs into the “Communications Connector”, all of the other wiring uses one of eight removable plugs. These eight plugs are used with the eight connectors on the long side of the junction box. Each connector is identified with a letter (“A” through “H”) and each position on the connector is identified with a number (“1” through “12”) on the label on top of the junction box.

For a sensor, such as a pressure transducer, a single shielded cable should be used to carry the ground, power, signal, and any other connections. Following is a standardized color chart. Please use this when wiring your junction box.

Black - Sensor and Signal Ground (“Chassis” or “Common”) Red - Sensor Power (will be your automotive voltage, such as 12V) White - Signal Bare Wire - Shield

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