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Most importantly, the signal wire should be connected to the appropriate position of the appropriate plug. The ground (black) and shield (bare) wires should be twisted together and connected to the nearest available ground position. If appropriate, the power (red) wire should be connected to the nearest, appropriate +5V or +12V position. Consult the documentation that came with your sensor before making this connection. As necessary, any other connections should be made. For each connection, identify the cable according to the ID sample provided in your parts kit. Also, tinning each wire with solder before screwing it into the plug will improve reliability.

Note that thermocouple cables, such as used for the exhaust gas temperature sensors, are a special case. First of all, the cables are definitely NOT made of regular wire. They’re made of a special alloy that must be used with thermocouples. Using any other kind of wire will cause significant reading errors. As an industry standard, the wire is color- coded yellow (signal) and red (ground). Don’t ask why the ground is red! We know it doesn’t make sense but that is the thermocouple industry’s standard color combination for type K thermocouples. Anyway, simply connect the yellow and red wires into the appropriately positions according to the colored label on the top of the junction box.

For your convenience, the connector wiring assignments are repeated below. Note that the Gage 1 and Gage 2 capability is only available as a special order option. Without this special option, these two inputs are replaced by simple inputs suitable for many uses, including oxygen sensors.

Later in this documentation, references may be made to specific junction box plug positions. For example, position “B3” refers to position 3 on connector “B” (the Engine RPM input). 7

Connector A:

  • 1.

    +12 Volts

  • 2.


  • 3.

    Accelerometer (Also VRT “stop timer” input)

  • 4.

    +5 Volts

  • 5.

    TPS (Throttle position sensor)

  • 6.


  • 7.

    +Gage 1 (or oxygen sensor 1)

  • 8.

    - Gage 1

  • 9.

    - Ex(Gnd) (Gage excitation ground)

  • 10.

    + Gage 2 (or oxygen sensor 2)

  • 11.

    - Gage 2

Connector B:


Inputshaft RPM


Driveshaft RPM

1. 2. 3. 4.

11 to 24V (Main power connection) Ground (Main power connection) Engine RPM Ground

7. 8. 9.

Ground Flow Meter 1 Ground

10. Flow Meter 2

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