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The domain you specify in Step 1 of the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange tool needs to be the same Google Apps domain you include in the email address. If you make an error or typo in the CSV, the migration will not work until you fix the error.

Exception: If you’re migrating mail into an account with secondary domains, you are allowed to use multiple domains.

IMAP migration using the administrator’s password

Some IMAP servers support migration using the administrator’s password and don’t require you to enter every user’s password.

For Cyrus/MiraPoint, use the same syntax as Exchange, and you'll be prompted to enter your admin password during the migration process.

For Exchange IMAP migrations (not regular Exchange migrations), you can use this syntax:


Business example:

solarmora/admin/mattwerner@solarmora.com#VjJ8zTsm, mattwerner@solarmora.com solarmora/admin/joesabia@solarmora.com#VjJ8zTsm, joesabia@solarmora.com solarmora/admin/joesciarrillo@solarmora.com#VjJ8zTsm, joesciarrillo@solarmora.com

In this example, the Active Directory (Windows) domain is solarmora, the admin username is “admin” and his password is “VjJ8zTsm”. The admin is migrating email for users mattwerner, joesabia, and joesciarrillo.

Prepare folder structure (for PST migration)

If you want to migrate PST files, first set up a folder structure to accommodate those files.


Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange cannot migrate password-protected PST files. Disable password protection for PST files before you attempt to migrate, or migration will fail.

Set up one top-level folder. Within that top-level folder, create an individual folder for each user whose PST files you want to migrate. Place the PST files within these individual folders.

For example:

PST (top-level folder)

  • user1@domain.com (individual folder)

    • archive.pst (PST file to migrate)

    • MyPst.pst (PST file to migrate)

Name the individual folders’ names based on the primary e-mail address as configured in the source mail system. (see “Create user lists” on page 23).

For example, if your file of user names takes the form:

Preparing for Your Migration


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