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What to expect after a Google Apps pilot deployment

If you have gone through the experience of a Google Apps pilot deployment, and you implemented dual delivery for your pilot users, Google Apps removes duplicate messages resulting from the following scenarios:

D u a l d e l i v e r y t h r o u g h y o u r M i c r o s o f t ® E x c h a n g e S e r v e Dual delivery through an edge appliance or service Dual delivery through Google Apps r

Note: You have the option to configure Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange to migrate only messages from the period prior to your implementation of dual delivery.

If you implemented direct delivery to Google Apps for your pilot users, there are no duplicate messages for the period of the pilot deployment.

Plan a test migration

Before you migrate all of your users from your mail platform to Google Apps, you may want to first test the migration on a smaller group of users to gather some data on how your proposed deployment topology will handle the process. For example:

  • How many users can a single client machine process at one time and stay within the

capacity of its physical resources?

  • How many client machines can you run at capacity without overwhelming your network?

  • With your migration resources running at an optimal rate, how long will it take to migrate all

your data?

You can consult the migration reports on each client to get an idea of migration performance. For information about reports, see “Viewing Migration Reports” on page 59.

In addition to gathering data about performance, your test migration gives you a chance to go through the process on a smaller scale and identify any problems that might arise, as well as identify solutions to those problems.



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