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Migrating Data

Chapter 5

Migration overview

To start your migration, simply log in to the client machine on which you’ve installed the utility and run the utility. When you run the utility, the migration wizard opens and prompts you for connection, authentication, and configuration information. You’ll enter the required information in four basic steps.

If during your configuration you click Cancel before clicking Save or Migrate in Step 4, then the information you entered is lost. When you click Save or Migrate in Step 4, then your information is saved in a configuration file and you can choose to use those settings in Step 1. The configuration file contains only the settings from your most recent Save or Migrate operation.

If you cancel the migration while it is in progress, or if it stops due to circumstances like a hardware failure or power outage, then when you resume migrating the same data, the process begins where it stopped on the previous run.

During the migration, contacts and then calendar data are processed first, followed by email. An update is provided as data has been migrated. If a migration is stopped for any reason, you can restart the process, and the migration picks up at the point it stopped on the last run.

Multiple instances

It is possible to have multiple instances migrating simultaneously, but this can cause very serious problems if administered incorrectly.

Important: If you run multiple instances of migration, be aware of these restrictions to avoid data corruption.

  • Run only one instance of GAMME on each client machine. If you try to run multiple instances on a single client, those instances overwrite one another’s configuration files (there is a single location for configuration files).

  • Each instance must reference a unique list of users. If you user multiple instances for the same user, migration may cause corrupted status information for each user’s data.


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