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Where to find the latest information about the utility

You can find information about the latest version of the utility, including new features and fixed issues, and a link to the latest documentation on the What’s New in Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange page here:


You can also find updates and new information on the Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange Help Center article.

How to provide comments about this guide

Google values your feedback. If you have comments about this guide or suggestions for its improvement, please send an email message to:


In your message, be sure to tell us the specific section to which your comment applies. Thanks!

If you have any questions or need technical support, please contact Support rather than using this address. For more information about contacting support, see “How to get support” on page 69.

Disclaimer for third-party product configurations

Parts of this guide describe how Google products work with Microsoft® Exchange and the configurations that Google recommends. These instructions are designed to work with the

®® most common Microsoft Exchange scenarios. Any changes to Microsoft Exchange

configuration should be made at the discretion of your Microsoft® Exchange administrator.

Google does not provide technical support for configuring mail servers or other third-party

®® products. In the event of a Microsoft Exchange issue, you should consult your Microsoft

Exchange administrator. GOOGLE ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIRD-PARTY PRODUCTS. Please consult the product's Web site for the latest configuration and support information. You may also contact Google Solutions Providers for consulting services and options.

We can't be sure what rights or restrictions you have with respect to your software environment, so please make sure that your use of this software complies with any third party rights.


Google Apps Migration for Microsoft


Exchange Administration Guide

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