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Users in your users list are suspended, deleted, or not yet provisioned in Google Apps

Incorrect login credentials or other information about your Microsoft® Exchange or IMAP server


An incorrect email address or Microsoft Exchange alias for a user Failed OAuth requests caused by an incorrect OAuth key, secret, or Windows Time

For information on running diagnostic tests on your configuration and users list, see “Run diagnostics” on page 51.

Viewing migration reports

If message errors occur during a migration run, you can check the migration reports for details about which errors occurred, why they occurred, and which users were affected them. For more information, see “Viewing Migration Reports” on page 59.

Interpreting log files

In most cases, migration reports provide the information you need to troubleshoot message errors that occur during a migration. However, you may need to examine log files for more information about migration errors or provide logs to Google Support.

The log files provide an ongoing account of how each segment of the migration has progressed. In general, this information is most valuable to Google Support. For example, if a log file implicates a particular Exchange Migration module or method as the cause of an error, then Google engineers can address the issue. However, the log files can also help you identify problems like timeouts or network errors that need to be resolved in your own environment.

Log analyzer

Google provides a log analyzer for Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange. The analyzer can scan your Trace log files and identify many types of migration issues. To use the analyzer, go to the following URL and upload your log files:


Most issues can be identified within a few moments of submission.

Types of log files

G o o g l e A p p s M i g r a t i o n f o r M i c r o s o f t ® E x c h a n g e p r o d u c e s t w o l o g f i l e s :

  • Status, which contains a summary of the overall status of a completed migration run

Troubleshooting Issues


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