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Some of the important features of the tool include:

  • The ability to migrate mail, calendar or contacts and combinations thereof from Microsoft

Exchange or mail from IMAP servers.

  • Administrator migration. No end user participation is required.

  • Control of which users are migrated, through formatted CSV files you create.

  • Parallel migration for multiple users to speed the migration process. By default, Google

Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange migrates 25 users at a time, but depending on your hardware capacity, you can configure this up to 200 users. See “Step 3” on page 43 for more details.

  • In Microsoft Exchange, the ability to migrate using either your administrator credentials or an Outlook profile. Using an Outlook profile assists in migration from Hosted Exchange, by running the tool from outside the hosting service.

  • Built-in tool that estimates how many emails, calendar events and contacts you will be migrating for a set of users before running the migration. This is very useful in planning the migration.

  • Pre-migration diagnostics, which check for configuration errors in connectivity and authentication; and errors in your user list before you run a migration.

  • Detailed migration reports that show an overview of a migration (or all migrations combined), any message errors that during a migration, why those errors occurred, and which users were affected by them.

  • Logging and reporting of migration results, with adjustable level of detail for quick updates

or detailed debugging.

  • Real-time status updates on the progress of migration.

  • Option to migrate only email messages sent or received during the time frame you specify.

  • Ability to use a command-line interface to automate or script usage of the utility. Both

methods are discussed in “Migrating Data” on page 37.


Google Apps Migration for Microsoft


Exchange Administration Guide

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