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Give the packers explicit instructions for items that are to be excluded from shipment. Make sure they

understand what items you are concerned about. Point out any item that you want to receive special attention.


Make sure the make, model and serial number are on the inventory for the following items:

Firearms, stereo equipment, televisions, microwaves, VCR'S, and computers.


Ensure that you keep the items you intend to take with you separate from what is being packed

and picked up for shipment or storage.


Check the drivers inventory carefully (this is a very important document in regard to your move).

Insure all items are listed and that you agree with the stated conditions. If you do not agree with the driver on notations, make appropriate remarks on the respective inventory in the remarks section. Be specific and refer to the inventory article number. After you are satisfied the inventory is accurate, or

have included appropriate remarks, sign all copies of the inventory.

The agent/carriers responsibilities are:


  • 1.

    Pack all items requiring packing and ready them for shipment.

  • 2.

    Use new or used boxes and cartons in GOOD condition and mark the general contents on

the cartons.

  • 3.

    Pack all glass items such as large mirrors, table tops, large glass framed pictures.

  • 4.

    Remove all debris from the packing and crating operation.

NOTE: Be sure to make a final check with the packers to ensure that all items that need packing are packed and ready for shipment.


  • 1.

    Tag or mark on each container or loose item with the identical item number on the inventory.

  • 2.

    Inventory the items in your shipment. Professional equipment must include weights of each

claimed item. The carrier is not required to list all items in each carton, just general description of contents.

  • 3.

    Service major appliances for shipment.

  • 4.

    Place all mattresses in mattress cartons.

  • 5.

    Tag lawn mowers and/or motorcycles showing oil and gas has been drained.

  • 6.

    Protect all surfaces liable to be damaged by marring or scratching by use of clean furniture

pads, covers, burlaps, etc.

NOTE: Be certain carrier gives you a copy of the inventory before the carrier departs your residence. Note all discrepancies and get carrier to initial your notes. Be sure weights are included for all professional items. Check to make sure all items that are being shipped or stored are out of your residence and on the truck.


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