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Be sure the carrier agent signs and dates all copies legibly and leaves you three of the five

copies of the completed form, which you and the carrier have signed.


If you file your claim directly with your carrier within 9 months after delivery, the carrier is

required to replace any item that is lost or destroyed with a new item, or pay you the cost of a new

item of the same kind and quality, without deducting for depreciation. An item is destroyed if it

cannot be repaired or if the repair would exceed the cost of a new item. The carrier is not required to replace items that can be repaired for less than the Full Replacement Value of the item. The carrier is

required to arrange for the repair of those items, or to pay you for the cost of the repairs. Repair means the item must be restored to the same condition as when it was received by the carrier.


Timely notice. The loss or damage to the item must be reported to the carrier within 75 days

after delivery in order for the claim to be paid. The carrier’s agent should list all missing or damaged

items discovered on the day of delivery on the DD form 1840, which you will also sign. Notice of loss or damage on the DD form 1840 is an essential part of the claims process and it is in your best interest to ensure the agent is properly documenting all obvious loss and damage on this form at delivery. The agent will leave 3 copies of this form with you. You must then list all items discovered missing or damaged after delivery on the reverse side of the DD form 1840, known as the DD form 1840R, and mail it to the carrier within 75 days after delivery. The appropriate mailing address for the carrier is located in block 9 of the DD form 1840. You should mail it certified mail so you can prove you gave the carrier appropriate notice. Alternatively, you can bring the DD form 1840R to the nearest Personal Property Office within 70 days after delivery so they can mail it to the carrier for you.


Claim must be filed within 9 months to receive FRV. Submission of a DD form 1840R does

NOT constitute a filing of a claim. You must submit a written demand for a specific amount , listing the items lost or damaged, to the carrier within 9 months after the date of delivery. The carrier will

provide instructions on how to file a claim. The carrier is responsible for obtaining estimates, if you file your claim directly with them within 9 months of delivery. Do not delay filing your claim past the 9 month deadline in order to get additional information you think the carrier may need. If your claim has

been timely filed, additional information may be presented at a later time.


Limits of liability. A carrier is liable for up to $4.00 per pound times the weight of your

shipment, with a minimum of $5, 000 and a maximum of up to $50,000 per shipment.

If the amount

of your loss exceeds the carrier’s maximum liability, you may file a claim with the Navy for any loss in excess of the carrier’s payment. However, the Navy can only pay the depreciated replacement cost or the repair cost, whichever is less, for those items not paid by the carrier.


Filing a claim with the Navy.

after the date of delivery. However, depreciated value for lost/destroyed

You still have a right to file a claim with the Navy within 2 years the Navy can only pay repair costs for damaged items and items. If you file with the carrier within 9 months, but are

unwilling to accept the carrier’s offer, for Navy. If the Navy pays you depreciated

certain items, you can file a claim for those items with the value, the Navy will seek FRV from the carrier (if the carrier


liable) and pay you the difference between the FRV and the depreciated value if it is Claims packages with instructions for filing your claim with the Navy are located at < http://www.jag.navy.mil, click on claims forms on the right side.



If, upon delivery of your household goods, you had to call the property transportation office

because you did not receive any copies of the DD Forms 1840 and 1840R, please be sure to record loss and damage noted during delivery on your inventory and then follow the instructions you receive

over the telephone from the property transportation office.

Receiving damaged goods, or having items lost, is a situation none of us appreciate, but if you follow the instructions in this handout properly, it will eliminate additional hardships. We thank you very much and hope your move is a pleasant one.


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