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  • Drain garden hoses. Drain oil/gas from lawnmower.

  • Disassemble outdoor play equipment and utility sheds.

  • Disassemble electronic components such as stereos and VCRs. Place in original packing boxes if available but DO NOT SEAL BOXES.

  • Set aside cleaning materials to be used after packing and loading.

  • Contact the Housing Office or your rental office/landlord to arrange a final walk through.


  • Physically separate items not to be packed, including suitcases. If more than one shipment will be made, separate into groups.

  • Contact insurance company at least 24 hours before storing and releasing your goods to movers.

  • Remove TV or radio antennas, air conditioners from windows, pictures and mirrors from walls and pendulum from clocks.

  • Disconnect gas and electrical appliances.

  • Prepare a "Trip Kit" for moving day. This kit can contain items such as snacks, beverages and games for the kids to keep them occupied during the move. If your are stopping overnight be sure to pack items such as toothbrushes and other essentials you'll need while your belongings are in transit.


  • Get up early and be ready for movers. Strip your beds, and make sure the bedding goes into a "Load Last" box.

  • Get pets under control before movers arrive, perhaps letting them stay with a neighbor.

  • Make sure cash, jewelry, important documents and other valuable items are secure; many people lock valuables in their car trunk. Make sure all belongings you DON’T want packed are in a secure place where the movers can’t get. A good idea is to place all such items in your car. This will ensure they won’t be accidentally packed.

  • Useful items to have on hand: marker to make extra notes on boxes and coffee, cold drinks and snacks for yourself and movers.

  • When the van operator arrives, review all details and paperwork. Accompany the driver as he or she inspects and tags each piece of furniture with an identifying number. These numbers, along with a detailed description of your goods and their condition at the time of loading, will appear on the inventory. Don't accept any "miscellaneous" labels or entries, especially for valuable items. Have a friend available to assist in inventorying.

  • Make sure conditions of belongings are accurately noted. If anything is marked "scratched" "dented" or "soiled," also note location of such.

  • Keep the Personal Property Office's phone number on hand (425)304-3472. If any problems or questions arise, call.

  • If possible, write directions to your new home for the van operator, provide the new phone number, and include phone numbers where you can be reached in transit. Make sure to take along the destination agent's name, address and telephone


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