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Instruction Sheet No.A2054-540

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Part Number 57-0504 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Ford Focus TDCi 1.8L Turbo Diesel 100/115bhp 2001-2005

  • 1.

    Disconnect the negative terminal from the vehicle battery.

  • 2.

    Unclip & remove the electrical harness plug from the MAS (Mass Air Sensor). (Fig. 1)

  • 3.

    Unclip & remove the intake hose from the air box lid. (Fig. 2)

  • 4.

    Remove the small APC (Air Pressure Control) valve rubber hose from the side of the air box lid. (Fig. 3)

  • 5.

    Carefully lift the complete air box assembly out of its mounting rubbers & remove the assembly from the car. (Fig. 4)

  • 6.

    Unclip & remove the air intake scoop from the slam panel. Unclip the intake pipe from the air box mounting bracket and remove the complete intake pipe assembly. (Fig. 5&6)

  • 7.

    Remove the small grommet from the original air box-mounting bracket. (Fig. 7)

  • 8.

    Assemble the saddle bracket / mounting bracket using the hardware supplied. (Fig. 8)

  • 9.

    Fit the new mounting bracket assembly to the slotted hole on the original air box mounting bracket using the M8 bolt, nylock nut & flat washers supplied. (Fig. 9)

  • 10.

    Unscrew & carefully remove the MAS from the air box assembly. (Fig.10)

  • 11.

    Refit the MAS to the original intake hose & secure using the #48 hose clamp supplied. (Fig.11&12)

  • 12.

    Fit the rubber filter adaptor onto the end of the MAS. (Fig.13)

  • 13.

    Slide the new air filter onto the rubber filter adaptor ensuring that the neck of the air filter sits onto the saddle bracket. Fit the #64 hose clip around both the saddle bracket & the neck of the air filter, fully tighten the hose clip. (Fig.14&15)

  • 14.

    Reconnect the electrical harness plug from the MAS (Mass Air Sensor). (Fig. 16)

  • 15.

    Remove the short rubber elbow hose from the rubber APC valve hose. Fit the new silicone hose supplied to the end of the original APC valve hose using a straight plastic hose adaptor supplied. Fit the other straight plastic hose adaptor supplied to the end of the new hose. (Fig.17&18)

  • 16.

    Insert the new APC valve hose adaptor into the small hole in the base of the air filter. (Fig.19)

  • 17.

    Carefully expand the flexi cold air hose. Feed the hose down to the lower under tray & secure the top of the hose to finish approx. 4” / 10cm from the air filter using a plastic tie supplied. (Fig.20)

  • 18.

    Taking the necessary safety precautions as per manufacturers instructions raise the front Of the vehicle. Drill two 4mm holes in the lower under tray & secure the hose to the under Tray using a plastic tie supplied. (Fig.21)

  • 19.

    Reconnect the negative terminal to the vehicle battery.

  • 20.

    Carry out a final check of the height / alignment of the K&N induction system before Starting the engine (ensure sufficient clearance between the air filter & electrical harness / battery cover). Installation is now complete.

Parts list: 1 x Air filter Element. 1 x Rubber Filter Adaptor 1 x Flexi Cold Air Hose. 1 x Literature Pack. 1 x Fixing Kit :- 1 x Hose Clamp #64. 1 x Hose Clamp #48. 1 x Mounting Bracket. 1 x Saddle Bracket. 1 x M6 Flat Metal Washer. 1 x M6 Nylock Nut. 1 x C’sunk Bolt. 1 x Conical Nylon Washer. 1 x M8 Hex Head Bolt. 2 x M8 Flat Washer. 1 x M8 Nylock Nut. 3 x Cable Tie. 2 x Straight Barbed Adaptor. 1 x 6mm ID Silicone Hose.

WARNING: Before starting the engine carry out a final fitment check of the K&N performance kit. It will be necessary for all intake systems to be checked periodically for realignment, clearance and tightening of all connections. Failure to follow the above instructions or proper maintenance may void the warranty.

FILTER MAINTENANCE: K&N suggests checking the filter periodically for excessive dirt build-up. When the element becomes covered in dirt (or once a year), service it according to the instructions on the Recharger service kit available from your K&N dealer, part number 99- 5003EU.

For cleaning instructions please visit our website: www.knfilters.com/cleaning

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