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semester of the research project. Supervisors provide students with guidance on their thesis by advising on an appropriate structure and format and by reading and making suggested improvements on a maximum of two drafts. For a supervisor's comments to be useful they must receive the first draft of the thesis well before the deadline. All assistance the student received in their research project must be duly acknowledged in the thesis. This includes any technical assistance, assistance with preparation of figures, microscopy etc.

The thesis must commence with a title page. The University logo is not permitted to be used on this page. The title page of the thesis should show: the title of the thesis the full name of the author (as it appears on the enrolment record) the words "Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Science (with coursework component)" the month and year of submission the name of the department in which the research was carried out (School of Botany)

The rest of the thesis has the following order: Acknowledgments Table of contents Literature review Main text (can be ordered into separate chapters) Bibliography or List of References Appendices (if required)

After correction of minor errors indicated by the examiners (see below), a clean copy and a pdf of the thesis must be produced. The copy will be kept in the Botany library. To comply with the University's Policy for the management of research data and records (http://www.research.unimelb.edu.au/admin/res.conduct), the supervisor(s) will retain a pdf copy of the thesis and all relevant data files and laboratory notebooks. The copies of the thesis submitted for examination can be loose, so long as the pages are held together in a spring-back folder or with bull-

dog clips. The final ‘clean’ copy of the thesis should be in a spiral or other binder.


At an early stage of candidature, the Masters committee will appoint an examination panel for each student. A member of the Masters committee will chair the panel and the other panel members will be the student’s supervisor(s) and two members of staff with relevant expertise in the area of the student’s project. These last two members of the panel are the student’s examiners and will be responsible for assessing the literature review and thesis.

The literature review will be assessed on the basis of reports received from the two

examiners. After correction of

copy of the thesis. The Newbigin.

literature review criteria used to

any minor errors indicated by the examiners, a clean must be produced for incorporation into the final assess the literature review are available from Dr

The seminar is assessed by the Masters Committee and nominated examiners in the audience. The criteria used to assess the seminar are available from Dr Newbigin.

Masters in Science (Botany)

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