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lands near Shadow Lake Bog east of Renton, and

the Branson property on the shores of Puget Sound in Burien.

WRIA 9 Sends Applications to Salmon Recovery Funding Board

WRIA 9 submitted four salmon recovery projects to be considered in this round of Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) funding.  In the past two years WRIA 9 has been awarded over $2 million from this funding source.

This year's four project proposals included:  

Two acquisitions in the Middle Green River to protect key spawning and rearing areas;

Acquisition of an important nearshore property to protect nearshore processes, structure and functions in riparian and aquatic areas that support salmonids (the Branson property mentioned above); and

A restoration project in the Duwamish River that removes bank hardening and fill and provides shallow water habitat that has been shown to be important to chinook for rearing and refugia.

The SRFB Technical Panel of experts will be meeting with WRIA 9 Watershed Coordination Services staff in February to review these proposals in detail.

For more information on the WRIA 9 SRFB process and how to propose a project for funding in 2002, please contact Jennifer Rice, WRIA 9 Lead Entity Coordinator at 206-296-8302, jennifer.rice@metrokc.gov, and check out the webpage at: http://dnr.metrokc.gov/Wrias/9/2001SRFBGrants9.htm.

Citrus Long-Horned Beetles Still At Large

Five citrus longhorned beetles -- a destructive, tree-killing beetle - are unaccounted for in the Tukwila area.  

Owing the serious threat should they become permanently established here, a quarantine on the transport of live and dead hardwoods was declared November 27 in part of Tukwila.   

The beetle is 1-2” long, shiny black with spots - not stripes - on its back.  The name is misleading because the beetle kills dozens of species of trees including maple, poplar, and willow - all important in the riparian areas of our watershed.

For more information: http://www.wa.gov/agr/CitrusLHBeetle.htm.

Laughing at ESA

Prospect of extinction getting you down?  Endangered Species Act listings a bummer?  Check out this site for late-afternoon amusement: http://zapatopi.net/treeoctopus.html.

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