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HRC Region 3 Report (submitted “March 14, 2011” by Charlie Whitehurst) - page 2 / 3





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who graciously provided us a wonderful breakfast at the start of the workshop. This workshop was provided by Rick and Bev Milheim of Renegade, LLC. It encompassed 10 Handler/Dog Teams and included 2 full days of concepts, challenging set ups with group and individual advice as the Handler/Dog Teams went through their paces. The weather was perfect, everyone came away with a full day of training, new concepts, training methods and something to use in their personal "Dog Training Toolbox". We thank you Rick and Bev for providing us with many new helpful training tips and guidance.

We were in the process of finalizing a few things for our Spring Hunt Test scheduled for the next weekend and hoping for a good number of entries, good weather and that all would go smoothly. We were not disappointed! We had a fairly good number on Entry Express by the time it closed, but were hoping for some late entries the day of our test. We were extremely pleased at the number of late entries we got the day of the test and the weather held out to be a beautiful weekend.

As many of you know putting on a Hunt Test isn't easy, requires a lot of help from others and is only as good as the people who are working before, during and after the test is in progress. Well Backwoods HRC, possibly like many other clubs, has a group of veterans who have been through this a number of times, have everything down to a science and are there to ensure success. I could name that handful of people, but it doesn't stop there. Backwoods members came out and worked all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Our members are very geographically spread out in our area and it is very inspiring to see people who are willing and eager to get up at 4:30 and stay all day to come out and participate in whatever capacity in order to make our Hunt Test a success.


We plan on having many more training days this year and all of us are looking for the weather to become more moderate and just a bit warmer.

Big Elkin HRC, President Brett Abernathy, brett@yadtel.net, East Bend NC, http://home.earthlink.net/~bigelkincreekhrc/

As I write this the clubs in our region are transitioning from hunting to hunt test season with several clubs already holding their events. Our club members enjoyed varying degrees of success during the hunting season; some reporting the best year in recent memory while others of us weren’t so fortunate. But we shouldn’t measure our success by the amount of game in the bag, but by the opportunity to be able to spend time afield with family, friends and our dogs enjoying God’s creation. North Carolina’s cold snowy winter has transformed into a wet spring thus far and that has limited our opportunities for training days as a club. The last thing we want to do is upset a gracious landowner by leaving their farm in a mess. We hope to schedule a training day in the near future.

With fuel prices hovering around $4.00 a gallon, the economy still struggling to recover and who knows what other reasons, the attendance has been down at some of the early events this year. We all need to consider what we can do to make sure the local clubs survive this “storm”. Consider riding with a buddy or two to the next test instead of just not going. Without the entries the local clubs can’t survive and with the escalating costs of fuel and motels, etc. it takes quite a few entries to break even. If you have never served on the hunt test committee, you need to try it and find out what all goes on

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