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The MG Before The Second World War

From McLellan's Automotive Literature www.mclellansautomotive.com

In 1947 the roads of America began to be invaded by a little car that seemed a throwback to the days of the 1920's. It was a small, square two seat mounted on large wire wheels and looked, in comparison to the huge American machines, like a vintage classic being taken out for its bi-annual airing. But when it made a habit of leaving everyone else behind at green lights, and threaded expertly through traffic like a sure-footed cat, American drivers began to realize that it was not a museum piece.

If one had the temerity to follow it on a winding road, he was sure to lose sight of it within a mile, as the little midget swung swiftly through the tightest curves, leaving behind only the hard rapping sound of its throaty exhaust. It looked like fun to drive. It was! It was the MG-TC, newly imported from England, a thoroughbred machine, the latest in a long line of sports-racing cars. The snappy performance, plus the modest price, re-introduced America to the sports car - a car with initials for its name.

To a country accustomed to the sonorous ring of Deusenberg and Cadillac, the smooth flowing syllables of Chevrolet and Locomobile, and the hard, clean sound of Stutz and Ford, the lean initials MG, encased in their octagon, were quite strange. In 1912 William R. Morris (there's the M), a former bicycle maker, formed a company called Morris Motors Limited. A subsidiary corporation was named The Morris Garages (now you have the G) . But it was not until 1923 that the initials were placed on the radiator of a car.

The first MG was built because of a need, a need that was sensed intuitively by Cecil Kimber, general manager of Morris Garages. He felt that the public wanted a small, but high-performance sporting machine that could be driven sedately on the roads during the week and raced on Sundays. - Most importantly, that it be priced modestly.

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