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What is the appeal of the MG? The best way to describe it is to call it a personal car. It will do whatever the driver asks, within limits. But these limits are widespread. The engine is rugged, long lasting, and easy to maintain. The car handles with the quickness of a cat, and readily forgives most driving errors. The T series models all had the classic style of vintage machines, while the newer models have the functional smoothness of a jet plane. No matter which model they possess, MG owners love their cars with a rabid fanaticism, and MG Car Clubs were among the first specialized sports car clubs in America. Most of our great racing drivers started their careers in Mgs. Perhaps the little car even taught them to drive! The MG heralded the era of European automobiles in the US. And even now it is still the most sought after small sports car in our country.

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Text and MG Dealership image from Geoffrey Wheatley:

The Agency was in Aylesbury, UK about thirty miles from the Morris factory at Cowley, in Oxford around 1937. The principle car is a MGTA that came out in 1936 after the change in policy at Cowley and Billy Morris stepped down as Chairman. He returned in 1938, but that's another story. In the rear is a Morris Yen, the same engine that they put in the TA with horrific results. At 3000 rpm the crank bearings gave up, all two of them! MG Sports sales dropped by 70% between 1936 and 1938 until the MGTB came out in the spring of 1939 – this was a OHV fast sports car. Only 346 were made and sold as the war stopped production in September of 1939. The post war MGTC was a TB but was four inches wider and the engine was developed during the war. One other interesting historic comment. The engine for the post war MGTD was also developed during the war as the power unit for the starter trolleys that were used to seart the engines of British bombers. The Americans had built-in starter for their bombers but the Brit's continued to use a Starter Trolley through to 1944.

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