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Version 1.0, Released February 25th, 2008

In the early 1960's my hot rodder friends and I were always on the look out for a model A or T coupe for a hot rod project. Then in November of 1964 Car Craft magazine started a series on building a T bucket roadster. Well, that changed everything! A company called Almquist had been advertising a 'glass body for a couple of years. It was a poor body, but it only cost $99. One of those bodies, coupled with an model A front end (about $10-$15), a '50 Ford donor car from the back row at the local used car lot (about $50), and you had the makings of a T - and a roadster to boot!

Mine got finished, sort of - the older guys where quick to point out ''better ways to do this or that''. That's where it all started. I got a lot of help from those who had been there before me. Over the years I got a lot of help from a countless number of people and it hasn't stopped yet, I'm still learning and I hope to God I never stop!

Now I feel it’s time to try and pay back a little of what I owe, that's the reason I've decided to put together this set of plans for a T-bucket chassis. I've seen a lot of stuff done that is sub-standard and down right unsafe. I've either built, or had a hand in building, several T's over the last 40 years and I'd like to pass along some of the information to those who can use it. I don't want anything for these plans, all I ask is that you freely pass them along to others.

Now, about the plans - The chassis is one that I've used on the last 6 or so cars. The plans start out with dimensions for the frame rails and a procedure for welding them together. They proceed on to the front and rear suspension and include a parts list with sources and a procedure for welding and installing those components on your frame. That's where I stop. I want you to build your car. I'm not going to dictate how you should build it, that's where you can make it yours. I'll be around to answer questions and for you to bounce your ideas off of and I’ll be more than happy to help. I currently frequent the T-Bucket Forums at http://www.tbucketeers.com/ if you have questions or comments please stop by and post a note.

Please understand that I’m by no means a tech writer. You may find some spelling and grammatical errors but I think the intent will be clear. I’ve also included several illustrations to help, but I’m not a technical illustrator either. I hope things are clear but if they are not then by all means post a note to the site listed above and I’ll try to help all I can. If needed I can easily release an updated plan set with any clarifications or additions deemed necessary included.

And finally, I would like to gratefully acknowledge the help of Steve Robertson (SLR_65) for helping me create this pdf file.

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    Ron Young, February 25th, 2008

Please Note

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